Supply Chain Management

When you partner with Select, you benefit from full visibility through the entire supply chain. Our goal is to be your long-term partner through the entire supply chain cycle, from initial demand through final asset recovery.

Select Technology works with you to deliver supply chain management solutions that make a difference to your bottom line.


Your company needs a strategy for managing all the hardware and technical components that from procurement through disposal. A big piece of SCM planning is developing a set of metrics to monitor the supply chain.


Over the years Select Technology has developed and categorized partnerships by industry with hundreds of large Fortune 100 as well as Fortune 500 OEMs and CEMs. By categorizing companies by the industries they serve, we are able to create network channels that allow us to source parts that some deem impossible, while saving money by trying to avoid the open market and its high price mark up.


With almost 10,000 line items in our stock, we have millions of dollars invested in our on-site inventory. Our 10,000 square foot warehouse is optimized for efficient processing and shipment.

Final Asset Recovery

This can be a problematic part of the supply chain for many companies. Complying with environmental regulations for recycling and reuse is a key factor. We supply a responsive and flexible network for receiving excess, obsolete and surplus material and maximizing return.