Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the enclosed Select Technology, Inc. PO:
Select Technology, Inc. reserves the right of final approval of product, procedures, processes and equipment. All material is inspected based on IDEA-STD-1010 and must pass quality inspection.

All processes required by this PO must be performed by qualified personnel.
Select Technology, Inc. reserves the right to review and approve our Vendors Quality Management System, which should be either ISO, AS9100, ISO 17025 or AS9120. Any changes to those certifications, Select Technology, Inc. should be notified.

Vendor shall maintain proper identification and revision status of specifications, drawings, process requirements, inspection/verification instructions and other relevant data.

Vendor is required to: notify Select Technology, Inc. of nonconforming product, obtain Select Technology, Inc. approval for nonconforming product disposition, notify Select Technology, Inc. of changes in product, and/or process, changes of suppliers and changes of manufacturing facility locations, flow down to the supply chain the applicable requirements including customer requirements.

Vendor is required to supply product with shelf life of at least 75% remaining original life.
Vendor is required to retain all Records associated with Select Technology, Inc. PO for 7 years or required by contract.

Select Technology, Inc. reserves right of access, our customer and regulatory authorities to applicable areas of all facilities involved in the order and records.
Certification of Materials and/ or Process performed must accompany materials/parts received.

Vendor shall follow all Export/Import/ITAR Compliance regulations. All processes are the responsibility of the Vendor.

Vendor warrants that Counterfeit Supplies shall not be supplied to Select Technology, Inc. Only new, unused and authentic items shall be supplied. In the event Select Technology, Inc. receives confirmed counterfeit product, Select Technology, Inc. reserves the right to hold and dispose of product in order to eliminate this from the supply chain.