Counterfeit Prevention Process

Electronic Components Counterfeit Prevention Process

Assuring no counterfeit or faulty product reaches our end customers:

  • Select only buys from approved vendors, per our ISO manual (procedure upon request).

Incoming items are inspected for any inconsistencies:

  • Manufacturers label is checked for authenticity (our shipping department has inspectors with over 15 years of industry experience).
  • Issues or inconsistencies identified by Select are checked with the manufacturer or a manufacturers rep to help identify fraudulent labeling.
  • The seal is inspected for any issues such as not original factory, loss of seal due to compromise of the bag or seal, etc…
  • If no compromise of the original seal Select then applies their own bar code label regarding the parts (qty, part #, seal date…etc).
  • If the original seal needs to be compromised Select does it in a monitored environment and is re-sealed by IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033A standards.
  • Subsequently passing QC inspection Select then packages and ships product to meet all requirements specified in the customers’ purchase order.